​The Dhamma protects those who protect the Dhamma


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    Why Dhammatāyana?

    The idea of this blog is that affiliated Bhikkhunis, Samaneris, Anagrikas and friends and supporters of Dhammatayana and other Bhikkhunis can post here about their experiences, about their joys and sufferings of being a a woman in Buddhism.
    The aim is to create awareness of the fact that Buddhist nuns exist, with 8, 10 or 311 precepts. That we are capable of living the holy life, that we do struggle, that we can teach and that we do need support.
    The need for more monasteries for bhikkhunis is urgent. There are thousends of places all over the world, where monks can go, if they wish to leave there home monastery. For fully ordained nuns there are only a handful of monasteies availible, which are sometimes small and not good supported. This, of course, might lead to tensions among nuns, to fequent disrobings and to the false conclusion women cannot do it.

    Help us to give female monastics a chance to live the holy life.
    Khandha Paritta
    May you be protected from all harm
    check here for the Pali text and its traslation into English.
    The Budda's vow - the 4 fold Sangha

    'I shall not come to my final passing away, until my bhikkhus and bhikkhunis, laymen and laywomen, have come to be true disciples — wise, well disciplined, apt and learned, preservers of the Dhamma, living according to the Dhamma, abiding by the appropriate conduct, and having learned the Master's word, are able to expound it, preach it, proclaim it, establish it, reveal it, explain it in detail, and make it clear; until, when adverse opinions arise, they shall be able to refute them thoroughly and well, and to preach this convincing and liberating Dhamma.'

    After 2600 year the 4 fold Sangha lives again in the tradition of the elders.